IT Strategy and Ongoing Support

Flexible and customised IT support for SME’s.

Comprehensive IT Support Solutions for SMEs

Technology has advanced the way we live. We can access information instantly, share content with a touch of a button, and communicate with anyone in the world without limits. Businesses around the world use IT to streamline processes, enhance collaboration and increase productivity. But when systems crash or aren’t utilised to their fullest extent, then IT can become more of a hindrance than an advantage!

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We are passionate about finding innovative IT solutions for SMEs across the UK. Our IT Strategy and ongoing support services help businesses maximise their IT potential while offering peace of mind that support is only a call away. Your IT needs and challenges are unique, and that’s why we’ve curated a set of strategy and support services to suit businesses of all sizes from all industries. GDPR-Compliant and Security Focused.

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Take the headache out of IT.

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Ensure your hardware and software are fit for your needs.

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Create a strategy for the future.

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Help and support is available whenever you need it.

Success Starts
with Strategy

An IT strategy (also known as a technology strategy) is a comprehensive strategy that determines how a company can meet its business and IT goals. A successful IT strategy covers a range of areas, including hardware, software, cost management and risk management. Clients on monthly retainer have access to our Chief Technology Officer who works closely with the business and support them make the right technology decisions. Our unique blend of strategy and support means that we won’t just help to fix IT problems, but we’ll strive to make your IT systems better.

Ongoing IT Support Inclusions

Our compliant and effective IT support services are delivered by industry professionals. All support packages are tailored to your needs and include a variety of assistance, including:

  • Onsite and
    remote support
  • Microsoft 365
    specialised support
  • Remote and onsite
    PC and MAC support
  • Device management
  • Security configurations to
    protect devices and data
    • Regular hardware
      and software checks
    • Daily system checks to ensure
      the environment has no issues
    • Network support
    • Monitoring and management of devices to ensure hardware and software is healthy and running smoothly
    • End user training on the applications used within the business
    • Mobile device management to ensure your devices are compliant and we are able to manage them
    • System event log monitoring to proactively prevent issues
    • Microsoft Business
      Voice (VOIP)
    • Security monitoring and management to ensure your environment has no threats
    • Cybersecurity awareness training to train your staff on cybersecurity vulnerabilities

    Agile IT Solutions

    Working from home has become the new norm for employees across the UK. While agile working has its benefits, it also presents various IT challenges and security risks. That’s why we offer agile IT solutions to ensure that your team have the technology and support to thrive from anywhere.

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    24/7 Flexible IT Packages to Suit You

    Flexible IT Packages

    Please note service prices may change from time to time in line with technological updates.

    Pay As You Go Option

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    Please note service prices may change from time to time in line with technological updates.

    Why Invest in IT Support?

    Our team will ensure you’re always accessing the best technology and software to meet your business goals.

    Prevent outages and delays with the assurance that a team is actively working to keep your IT live.

    With Simultech IT, you’ll get assistance from a range of qualified experts which is cheaper than hiring all of them individually.

    IT support can enhance online security by educating employees, strengthening protection and securing your overall online presence.

    An unprofessional online presence can have a negative impact on your client’s impression of your business.

    Scheduled IT reports offer an overall picture of your infrastructure, allowing you to have insight into areas of concern.

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    Frequently Asked

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Technology is essential to modern-day business operations. It is therefore important to have ongoing support to keep your IT systems functional and secure.

    Technology is essential to modern-day business operations. It is therefore important to have ongoing support to keep your IT systems functional and secure.

    An IT audit involves a thorough process with many checks. The broad goals follow the acronym- USB:

    Understand your business.

    Secure data and users.

    Best hard/software selections to support performance.

    Health check the current setup and identify any issues.

    Ensure you are getting maximum usage from software and hardware.

    Look at security, users and other business risks.

    Proactively manage and provide ongoing support.

    We are located in London but provide IT services across the UK.

    We work with companies of all sizes from all industries. Typically, we provide support for SMEs with 50-100 employees.


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