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Our IT specialists deliver extensive, customisable IT Security support for business across the UK.

We are passionate about utilizing the latest technologies to find unique IT security solutions suited to each of our clients.

When it comes to security, we believe in a proactive approach to give your business the peace of mind to focus on what’s important.

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We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to business IT security, which is why we at Simultech IT work with our clients to better understand how the business works to deliver a perfectly tailored, tried, and tested service to help them stay protected.

Endpoint Security

Protect devices such as laptops, desktop computers and business mobiles with our range of endpoint security services.


Our software identifies and destroys any computer viruses threatening to harm your device.


We set parameters that safeguard your data from loss or theft via external devices. 


We help establish pre-configured security settings as a baseline to suit your security needs. 


Protect your sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorised users.


Our technology identifies and prevents access to harmful websites.


We assess, monitor and repair your devices security vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure Security

Our infrastructure security services target weak points the various areas of data storage, protecting sensitive information from hackers

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Protect and backup precious data against hackers with our server security solutions. 

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We set limits on authorisation for your internal data.

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We provide vigilant measures to protect your online stored data.  

Identity & Access

Have full control over who can see what with identity and access management. Simultech IT can help secure access to your data, systems, and resources.

With Multifactor Authentication (MFA) you can make access simple for the eyes you want, and near impossible for the ones you don’t! 

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Information Security

Say goodbye to the fear of losing your data. From initial storage to back-up, Similtech IT are dedicated to finding the best solutions to protect your information, every step of the journey.

Microsoft Information Protection

With Microsoft Information Protection know your files are labelled and encrypted to maximise your information security.

Data Loss Prevention

This software monitors and protects your sensitive data from being shared with the wrong people.

Cloud Security

With a Microsoft 365 license, we can help you utilise their amazing security features, so you know your cloud data is covered. 

Network Security

With Simultech IT, benefit from a range of trusted network protection services so you and your team can feel secure online, whether your working from the office, or at home.

Secure Routers

Whether you’re working from home or the office, we secure your router and protect your network from unwanted access.

Secure Switches

Manage and control access to switches to protect your interfaces from untrusted networks.


We establish barriers around your internal network to monitor and filter network traffic to ensure your network is safe.

Remote Access

Authorise safe and secure access to the business network for hybrid and remote workers.

Security Awareness

At Simultech IT, we value information, and strive to keep you in the know when it comes to understanding your IT security. One of the best ways to protect your devices, data and network, is understanding how it works.

Phishing Drills

Phishing is still one of the quickest ways to lose or leak your information. We keep you one step ahead by keeping you in the know, and one step ahead. 

User Education

Simultech IT believe knowledge is power. We aren’t shy about sharing the latest information that can help you keep your data and devices safe.

Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose whichever services you feel are right for you and your business. Of course if you want to have the best protection, you will choose to take all of them. We have seen customers who have benefitted from all of the services in saving themselves from a breach.

You can choose whichever services you feel are right for you and your business. Of course if you want to have the best protection, you will choose to take all of them. We have seen customers who have benefitted from all of the services in saving themselves from a breach.

You may not be accredited, but the cybercriminals don’t care about that: you’re still easy pickings for them.

The auditing products are included in the package and help you to meet your GDPR requirements too, something we all have to do.

Multi-factor authentication or MFA as it’s also commonly known is an authentication method where access to systems is granted only after presenting two or more pieces of evidence that you are who you say you are.

The problem with this is that it can give a false sense of security, as outlined below:

  • Sometimes this authentication goes to an email and obviously if someone has breached your system, this won’t be very effective. Even if you receive your code through a text message to your mobile phone, there are still ways that hackers are getting around this. Cybercriminals are socially engineering the mobile phone companies into allowing them to clone a victim’s SIM card. So, they then receive a copy of any messages sent to it, which means your MFA code.
  • Some hackers are even contacting mobile phone customers directly and claiming that they need an MFA code in order to verify the customer’s identity. Once the hacker receives the code, they then change the recovery information on all your accounts. If someone is going to give away their code, there is nothing to stop them except training and monitoring systems, just in case.
  • Even if you use an authenticator app to accept your code, there is still a window of opportunity for hackers to steal this. True it is only a 30 – 60 second slot, but do you know if you or your employees have logged in from a coffee shop’s wi-fi, for example? Were they actually on a trusted wi-fi? It is really easy to set up a rogue one and hackers do this specifically to steal trusted information/codes.
  • We all know we are bombarded with messages every day of our lives. If one of your employees received an MFA request whilst they were in your system, might they just accept it thinking it was because they were accessing the system? Can you be sure? People are always the weakest link.
  • Furthermore, cybercriminals are incredibly intelligent and they run a robust business operation – it’s no longer just the teenage kid in his bedroom. They have their fingers in all the pies. It’s only a matter of time before they will find some way to break through MFA. You need to make sure you are monitoring at all times if you want to be safe and in control.

Your IT Maintenance Plan does just what it should and what it says: covers the day to day running of your IT desktops, servers, etc.

Cybercrime is a modern-day threat that is becoming ever more onerous. It is now one of the biggest crimes faced across the world – a faceless crime that is easy for perpetrators to get away with as they can easily hide themselves and their tracks.

You have to put more sophisticated stops in to keep safe. It costs us to pay for these additional services and that is what you have to pay for and why the service can’t be included in your Maintenance Plan. What was good enough last year, is no longer good enough if you want to keep safe. Make sure you include a line in your profit and loss for IT security separate to IT maintenance.

Whilst we would love to say ‘yes’, we simply cannot make that claim. Cybercriminals are working every minute of every day to find new ways to wreak havoc. What we can promise is that your systems will be much more closely monitored for any suspicious activity and notified straight away if anything is detected. It’s like having a fancy CCTV system over your business systems to catch anything untoward before any damage can be done.

Not only is loss of data and a breach disastrous enough, but it’s reputational damage too. If you suffered an incident when you had all of these processes in place, you would have shown ‘due care’ which is what ICO is looking for. Can you honestly say that your current systems demonstrate this?

This is your choice of course, but basically you are playing a game of Russian Roulette with your business: which part of my security holes will let me down first? If you’re happy to take this risk, then that’s fine. If you prefer to sleep easier, then the answer is to take the Security Plan.