IT Relocations and Agile IT Solutions for Remote Working

Expert IT support to ensure a seamless and successful office move.

Tech Transport by
Experienced Engineers

We deliver professional IT relocation services for offices across the UK. Our team of engineers work efficiently to ensure that your IT is set up and ready to accommodate your team in a new location.

Our focus is on safely transporting all your technology from one office to another. This includes all tech assets from servers and networking equipment to desktops.

Tech equipment requires special handling to avoid damage and that’s why we use a comprehensive auditing system and secure packing to achieve a successful relocation.

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We know that moving to a new home or office can be a stressful experience causing delays and damage.

 But with Simultech IT, you won’t have to schedule downtime or worry about disruptions.

An ideal outcome for us is when there is no downtime and stress for the business and staff.

We complete a series of final checks to ensure operations of the technology and offer premium aftercare to answer all your team’s IT questions.

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What Does an IT Relocation Include?

IT relocation focuses on transporting your IT assets which includes everything from your desktops to your cabling. The following services are included:

The IT Relocation Process

We know that planning is key to successful IT relocations.

That’s why our process includes everything from pre-move assessments to post-move aftercare.

Our experienced IT engineers handle everything to ensure a safe and seamless IT relocation.

Before the IT Relocation

Before moving anything, we complete a thorough assessment to determine the exact set up of all desks.

During the IT Relocation

Everything is transported with utmost care and security. We ensure that everything is accounted for and reconnect your technology with accuracy.

Post-Relocation Aftercare

Post-move, we provide UAT (User Acceptance Test) testing and full aftercare. Our IT professionals will visit your office in the days after your move, answering any questions your team has.

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We Don’t Just Move,
We Improve

Beyond safely relocating your current technology, we also strive to make it better. We offer hardware and software upgrades as part of the move process and have tailored solutions to suit your needs and budget. These updates will be ready for you in your new location. Beyond software updates, we’ll ensure your IT and workspace is configured for success. No more tangled cables or messy arrangement! Instead, you’ll have a tidy and professional workspace that has been setup by an engineer for IT success.

Agile IT Solutions

Working from home has become the new norm for employees across the UK. While agile working has its benefits, it also presents various IT challenges and security risks. That’s why we offer agile IT solutions to ensure that your team have the technology and support to thrive from anywhere.

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Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

IT relocation is the process of transporting your technology from one location to another. This ensures that your technology and PCs are safely and securely transported, and correctly connected and configured. Ultimately, IT relocation ensures that you can enter your new premises with all of the same IT features and functions that you originally had.

IT relocation is the process of transporting your technology from one location to another. This ensures that your technology and PCs are safely and securely transported, and correctly connected and configured. Ultimately, IT relocation ensures that you can enter your new premises with all of the same IT features and functions that you originally had.

We are GDPR compliant and are committed to providing a highly secure service. We understand that your data and technology is extremely important and treat it with the care and respect it deserves.

We are located in London but provide IT relocation services across the UK.

The cost of IT relocation depends on your unique requirements. Get in touch with the Simultech IT team today for a customised quote.

We know that moving is exciting, but also quite disruptive. That’s why we offer an efficient and flexible service to accommodate your needs. We can complete IT relocations seven days a week.

We work with companies of all sizes from all industries. Our 500+ successful office moves include large and small businesses from across the UK.

We focus on transporting on IT assets, not your entire office. Therefore, an IT relocation does not include transporting furniture, office equipment or any non-IT assets.


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If you’re moving office, don’t leave IT to chance. Transport your technology safely and securely with the Simultech IT team.

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Lindsay Hedges

IT can be a major worry for all small businesses. I signed Smarter Sales UK up with Simultech IT last month and since joining, Bharat and his friendly and most professional team have given me complete peace of mind. It is great to know that should I need any assistance whatsoever, someone in the team is there to support me 24/7 at the click of a mouse. Their attention to detail and customer service is outstanding. I can’t recommend them more highly.

Lindsay Hedges
Smarter Sales UK
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Merielle Ghali

Bharat cleaned (literally too) my laptop of viruses, ensured I knew how to backup and store my files in the Microsoft onedrive, walking me through it, by logging onto my laptop remotely – prior to me handing it over.

He also ensured Windows 10 was placed on my laptop, and turned it around for the next morning – so only just over 24 hours later I was able to work again.

He also gave me a one to one to show me the changes, and explained regular good practice, to try and keep my laptop secure and safe in future. He explained things in a simple way, and by getting me to undertake the copy, saved us both time, and made sure I was used to the process.

He also tidied up the look and feel of my laptop, with the items/apps I need easily to hand. He amazingly also saved my rotating screen saver.

He made sure I felt comfortable with the changes. He is a real professional and I would recommend him and his company to others. I still can’t believe how quickly he turned it all around, as my files were still copying over late into the evening, and he therefore worked late to ensure I got my laptop back as quickly as possible – when realistically it could have taken another day.

He delivers as promised – and more! This is my IT company for life!

Merielle Ghali
General Secretary's Office at Labour Party
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Sam Eaton

Well what can I say?! Bharat and his team are superb! Nothing is too much trouble for them. They explain what they are going to do every step of the way.

We have migrated across to Bharat and his team have been looking after us for a while now. He has also saved us a lot of money in the long run.

I would highly recommend Bharat to anyone looking for an IT firm that is looking to grow and scale their business. He will work with you in partnership and genuinely cares.

Sam Eaton
MindAbility Consultancy Ltd
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Torie Robinson

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